Joe Westerman Sex Tape Having Sex With A Friend’s Wife Leaked.. Joe Westerman a 33-year-old Castleford Tigersrugby player, was filmed having sex in the street with a friend’s wife.

Joe Westerman Sex Tape Having Sex With A Friend’s Wife Leaked

Joe Westerman Nude Having Sex With A Friends Wife Leaked


The 33-year-old has apologized after footage of him with the woman in the alleyway emerged on social media, but his heartbroken wife has so far refused to talk to him.

The Castleford Tigers player, who said he was incredibly remorseful, was caught on video at the weekend, just days before the start of the new season, prompting his club to issue him with a significant fine.

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Joe Westerman’s wife’s reaction. Joe Westerman’s wife Lauren took to Twitter to deny that the woman in the video was her.

Can I make it very clear that this (the woman in the video) is not me? We have three children, one of whom is almost 15, and she doesn’t need to see things like this on social media! shared Lauren, who married Westerman in 2014, on Twitter.

Watch Joe Westerman Sex Tape Below:

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